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Bedbug Pictures And Videos

Cimex lectularius life cycle

duct tapebedbug barrier made from duct tape

Two sided tape can be used to prevent bedbugs from climbing into the bed.


A short informational video from National Geographic Channel. It shows how bedbugs operate.


A documentary about bedbugs.


This video shows where bedbugs like to hide. It is also promoting some pest control products.


Two guys steam cleaning some furniture.


Entomologist Lou Sorkin allows hundreds of bedbugs to suck blood from his arm. The interesting part starts at 2 minutes 30 seconds. He shows what kind of damage they do to human skin.


Homes, hotels, cruise ships, busses and air planes are reporting bedbug infestations in the USA. Bedbugs were wiped out years ago but are now making a comeback by hitch hiking in bags or clothing of travelers. Many pest control firms are using toxic chemicals in bedrooms. The presenter in this video says that the poisons only work if they are applied directly to bedbugs and their eggs. He explains why you should not use chemical sprays and what you should do to get rid of the bedbugs. He presents a guaranteed healthy way to kill bedbugs and their eggs. He says you should not believe the chemical advocators. If heat is used properly it will kill the bugs and will not hurt your home or your belongings.