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Dermatobia Hominis - Human Botfly Pictures And Videos

Dermatobia hominis life cycle


Dermatobia hominis larvae removed from a humanadult human botfly

Dermatobia hominis posterior endDermatobia hominis anterior end



A clip from a documentary showing how botfly uses a smaller fly as a courier. It catches the smaller fly and lays eggs on its back. Then it releases the smaller fly which eventually goes to drink sweat from the skin of a cow. The larvae sense the warmth of the cow and burrow into the cow's skin.


Botfly removal from a woman's head. They first try to pull it with no luck since it is alive and holding on to the tissue. They then deside to suffocate it using tape.


Removal of three botfly larvae from a man's arm. In December 2008 two weeks after returning from Belize a man begins to develop fever which lasts for two weeks. He experiences bleeding from three small, infected wounds on his left elbow. He sees four different doctors and after two rounds of antibiotics is still suffering from the symptoms. It turns out that he has botfly larvae growing in his arm.